Your Atlanta Massage Therapist
Lovelace Linares

I've been an Atlanta massage therapist since 2001.

Originally from the coast of Texas near Houston, I've known since childhood that my mission in life is to help people to live healthy lives.

I'm a bit unconventional in my thinking. I believe that self discovery is the purpose of life. Through it, we can all achieve our greatest potentiontial, both individually and as a society.

On the Playa at Burning Man

My Philosophy

As a massage therapist, I find myself in a unique position to help people to develop a closer relationship to themselves. 

The mind is the body, and the body is the mind. Yet as modern humans, we spend so much time in the part of our bodymind that is our heads, we forget about the rest.

The main benefit of my work is to help you reconnect with yourself on a level that's not possible through other methods. 

Through touch...

To that end, i believe that true relaxation comes from two things: (1) Alleviating pain that you are aware of and (2) addressing tension you are not aware of.

Self-awareness is the key.

My initial training in massage therapy was at the Atlanta School of Massage (ASM), where I received a strong education in orthopedics, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, Swedish, and Thai massage.

My Experience

Shortly after graduating in late 2000, I was asked to join the faculty at the school, where I started as a teaching assistant and grew into the role of lead instructor.

I eventually spent five years directing the program and steering the ship before leaving the school in 2014 to focus on living more locally.

I have worked in a variety of settings in my thirteen years as an Atlanta massage therapist. Most of my time has been spent in spas, where I gained a reputation for being able to treat people with particularly stubborn pain patterns. I have also worked in gyms, with chiropractors, and independently.

Your Atlanta Massage Therapist

My practice is holistic in nature and informed by clinical reasoning. While it's important to understand as much as I can about the body, I also acknowledge that the body is self-regulating and self-healing. My role is to dialogue with the body and to facilitate the healing process, helping you to heal from the inside out.

I have had the honor and pleasure of working in a variety of settings over the years, but I am most fulfilled by the current incarnation of my practice, with allows me to walk to my studio each day through the Old Fourth Ward Park and along the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta Beltline.

Lovelace Linares